MINEHEAD’S own 17 year old Freddie Haden has made a remarkable appearance for the under 18s England Schoolboys football team against Wales in the highly anticipated Centenary Shield.

The talented youngster proved his mettle on the field, leaving spectators and commentators in awe of his skills. As the match kicked off, Freddie began as a substitute. It was not until five minutes into the second half that he was called upon to take the field, playing upfront against Wales. England found themselves trailing 2-0 in the first half, but Freddie's entrance onto the pitch turned the tide of the game. With his electrifying performance, he assisted in setting up a goal, narrowing the score to 2-1. Despite their best efforts, England ultimately fell short, with the final score standing at 3-1. The match, broadcasted on Channel 4, had the commentator singing praises of Freddie’s display. "Fired up Freddie should have been brought on earlier," the commentator exclaimed, acknowledging the impact the young talent had on the game. Freddie’s journey in the Centenary Shield continues on Friday, April 5, as England takes on the Republic of Ireland. Excitement is building among fans and supporters, eager to witness the next chapter in Freddy's burgeoning career.