ALLSORTS have won the first division in the West Somerset Table Tennis League.

They beat rivals Gnomads (30-13) who were without their top-scoring captain, Martin Rant. Geoff Williams stood for the evening and led the scoring with 6 singles sets. Tony Brooks and Dave O’Connell completed their singles with 4 and 3 sets..

There was no success in the doubles, however, during the match a total of 8 sets were lost by the minimum 2-point margin. Allsorts led from the start with Scott Milton on top form with a maximum, earning him the player of the match award. Curtis King’s averages suffered a minor dent as he prevailed in 7 singles sets. Sifa Vea completed his singles with 5 sets.

Waterrow also concluded their matches when they put in a powerful performance against Eagles. Both Eamon Farrelly and Dennis Buckingham scored maximums, with player of the match being awarded to Eamon. Russell Foote concluded the singles scoring with a solid 5 sets before the team combined to score another maximum in the doubles. At the end of the evening the scorecard totalled 32 points for Waterrow, giving them the victory and top-spot in the division 2 table.

Results - Division One: Gnomads 13, Allsorts 30. Division Two: Waterrow 32, Eagles 11.