AN elderly West Somerset man was dramatically saved from a fire in his home when a heroic neighbour dragged him out of the burning building with just moments to spare.

Ninety-three-year-old Bob Bisgood had collapsed on his kitchen floor in Blue Anchor as the blaze took hold and the property filled with smoke.

The alarm was sounded by next-door neighbour Sally King, who went to investigate after hearing Mr Bisgood shout for help and smelling smoke.

Mrs King shouted for her husband, also called Bob, aged 78, who fetched a fire extinguisher and beat back the flames enough to allow him to reach Mr Bisgood.

Fire damage to a Blue Anchor house where a 93-year-old man was rescued.
Fire damage to a Blue Anchor house where a 93-year-old man was rescued. ( )

Mr Bisgood and retired animal technician Mr King and were taken to Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton, for treatment for smoke inhalation and both were later recovering well.

The fire happened on Sunday afternoon and Mrs King told the Free Press: “It was frightening. Somehow his kitchen had set alight and it was horrendous.

“He was flat on his back on the floor and I could hear ‘help, help’.

“I opened the door and the smoke just came billowing out and all I could see was flames.

“I screamed at my husband in the garden and he came with a fire extinguisher and sprayed enough that the smoke cleared so we could see our neighbour on the floor.

“The flames came up again and he sprayed again and it was enough for him to grab hold of my neighbour and literally drag him out.

“If he had not got him out he would have been dead. He was flat on the floor, he could not get up. The fire brigade said my husband saved his life.

“The kitchen is a write-off, it is absolutely burnt out, the ceiling is black and the appliances are burned.

“What worries me is if we had not been in, the other neighbours would have seen the fire only when it reached the front of the house and we probably would not have had a house to come home to.”

Both Minehead fire engines were quickly on the scene after Mrs King’s 999 call followed by ambulance crews.

Mrs King said: “The firemen acted promptly in full breathing gear to put out the fire and attend to the elderly gentleman.

“They were kind, efficient, and very caring dealing with him until the ambulance service arrived.

“They were just so helpful and so kind because we were frightened for our property attached next door.

“They were so caring to our neighbour and to my husband. They deserve huge thanks for their work.”