Help for a happier life without drink

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Tuesday 9th November 2021 4:42 pm

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Somerset County Council is supporting Alcohol Awareness week (November 15 to 21) to highlight the impact drinking can have on relationships.

Along with other organisations across the UK, the council is encouraging people to talk and be prepared to listen about the way alcohol affects them and those around them – and to consider making some changes for a healthier and happier life.

Professor Trudi Grant, Somerset Director of Public Health said: “Many people drink alcohol for a variety of ever-changing reasons, including to relax, socialise, de-stress, have fun, relieve boredom, deal with feelings of loneliness and to try and cope with or avoid problems.

“But, drinking too much and too often can cause or exacerbate problems with physical and mental health, including damaging relationships with loved ones.”

Somerset Drug and Alcohol Service (SDAS), delivered by the charity Turning Point, provides free and confidential support for people wanting to make changes to their relationship with alcohol. For support speak to your GP, call SDAS 0300 303 8788 or visit


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