Garden experts have shared one of the biggest things that homeowners can do to boost their property value.

According to Garden Buildings Direct, summerhouses have been reported to increase house prices, and could be the key to driving up your property value. 

This comes as rising mortgage rates in recent months have prompted a fall in property prices.

The company says that a summerhouse can make a “vast” difference to a home, improving the appearance of a garden as well as making it a more usable space. 

This is particularly sought-after in the aftermath of the pandemic, with more people working from home meaning that the prospect of a separate building to use as an office space is attractive to many buyers. 

They also stress the importance of ensuring that homes with pre-existing outbuildings should be returned to top condition before showing the house. 

The position of your summerhouse can also affect the value that it brings to your home, with the advice noting that outbuildings should not be in permanent shade or hard-to-access area. 

The garden room should also have a separate purpose than any rooms that already exist within the home - for example, if you already have a home office, the outbuilding should not be used as an office. 

A spokesperson from Garden Buildings Direct said: “Many homeowners looking to put their property on the market want to make sure their home is as profitable and attractive as possible before selling. 

“There are several ways to do this, including both internal and external renovations, but we believe one of the simplest and most effective ways to boost property value is through adding a summerhouse garden building. 

“They have a huge number of uses and can even double as a home office. 

“If furnished and fitted out properly in a way which complements the rest of the home, it may just be the thing which catches the eye of a potential buyer.”