WEST Somerset College students attended their annual prom night this year in the grandiose setting of Knowle Manor, between Dunster and Timberscombe.

The event for year 11 pupils was hosted in the listed Elizabethan manor house’s orangery with a three-course dinner and a mocktail bar on Wednesday (July 3).

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A steam truck was one of the more unusual modes of transport as pupils arrived for the West Somerset College prom night. PHOTO: Georg Ody.

In keeping with prom tradition, there was an impressive range of modes of transport as the students arrived in front of family and guests who lined the driveway.

They ranged from horseback and tractors to classic and sports cars and motorcyces and even a steam truck.

The evening was planned over many weeks by the college’s prom committee.

A spokesperson said: “It has been a lengthy process as we have wanted to make every part of the evening as special as we can.

“We want to ensure that all our students have a prom night they will remember for many years to come.”