WEST Somerset residents are being urged to prepare for the latest Recycle More campaign by making sure they have the boxes they need to make the new service succeed.

The expanded Somerset Waste Partnership (SWP) recycling collections will be launched for about 70,000 households across the area at the end of February and ’Get ready for Recycle More’ leaflets are set to be delivered from the end of this week.

An SWP spokesman said: "Recycle More works best if you are making the most of the weekly collections, so everyone should make sure they have the containers they need for all the recycling they produce - and order more if needed.

"Everyone can have a green and a black recycling box, plus a food waste bin - more than one if you regularly need more space.

"All are free and can be ordered quickly and easily online using the My Waste Service menu. Whether your boxes are broken, missing or you have never had the full set, order them now and be ready when Recycle More arrives.

"If your home is a new build, please contact your district council to make sure you have been added to its property register - then order your containers."

Recycle More adds the following items to weekly recycling collections: Plastic pots, tubs and trays, food and drink cartons, small batteries and small electrical items.

Every home will have a new recycling container - a ’Bright Blue Bag’ - delivered a week or two before the new service starts.

Extra weekly recycling means less rubbish, so rubbish bins will be collected every three weeks instead of every two. Garden and clinical waste collections will not change with Recycle More.

A second leaflet delivered three weeks before launch will provide further important detail about Recycle More, including a ’What goes where?’ recycling guide and an individual collection day calendar.

The service is already running in Mendip, South Somerset and Taunton Deane and delivering hundreds of tons of extra recycling each week.

Visit somersetwaste.gov.uk/recycle-more for more information.