POLICE have warned Watchet and Williton residents to beware of cold callers knocking on their front doors.

Avon and Somerset Constabulary said it was recently told of people ‘touting for business, while asking some quite personal information’.

The warning comes three months after an alert about a group of ‘Nottingham knockers’ spotted in the Watchet and Old Cleeve areas.

The moniker arose when people from the city began knocking on doors offering to ‘sell cleaning goods’, when they were actually looking for properties to be targeted by professional burglars.

A police spokesperson said advice to residents was always: “If you are not sure, do not open the door.

“Never give away personal information to an unexpected caller.”

The spokesperson said ID should always be checked and residents should never agree to have work done or part with money on their doorstep.

If somebody was suspicious, they should call police straight away on 101, or dial 999 if they felt threatened or intimidated.

High value items such as jewellery, passports, and cash should be kept in a secured and hidden safe or bank vault, away from doors, letterboxes, and cat flaps.

If anybody was seen calling door-to-door on frail or elderly neighbours, people should call 999 straight away.

The spokesperson said: “Look out for vulnerable and elderly neighbours and make sure they know what to do when they receive an unexpected caller. Ask a trusted neighbour to help you deal with unexpected callers.”

Residents were also encouraged to join a Neighbourhood Watch scheme.