In Minehead, the morning will start off a bit cool with temperatures around 5°C.

The sky will be cloudy with sunny spells throughout the morning.

No rain is expected, so you can leave your umbrella at home.

As we move into the afternoon, the temperature will rise slightly to 8°C.

The sky will remain cloudy with sunny spells.

Again, no rain is expected.

Turning our attention to tomorrow morning, it will be slightly warmer than today with temperatures around 7°C.

However, scattered showers are expected, so don't forget your umbrella.

By the afternoon, the temperature will remain steady at 8°C.

The rain will continue, but the sun will make an appearance as well.

Looking at the general trend for the rest of the week, temperatures will hover around 7°C.

Scattered showers will continue to be a common sight.

So, keep your rain gear handy.

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