EACH week in the Free Press we look back at what made the news 150, 100, 50 and 25 years ago. Here is a sample of the items featuring in the This Was The News column this week.

150 years ago – October 23rd 1869

The young men of Milverton had been engaged in making fireworks for the Fifth of November. They were promising a large supply of Professor Mills’ patent rockets, which were such a great success last year.

100 years ago – October 25th 1919

The assertion by Minehead fishermen, supported by professionals, that fish could not be caught on a neap tide was startlingly confounded when R Buttle, R Bowdidge and R Dyer rowed out from the quay and came back in two hours with 12 congers averaging 11lbs apiece.

50 years ago – October 25th 1969

At the annual meeting of Minehead Flower Show, chaired by Mr Ken Bailey, the need for younger members to serve on the committee was emphasised. “We are all getting older and the young people are not coming on,” said Mr D A Holmes.

25 years ago – October 28th 1994

Cinema owner John Welch closed the two screens at the Regal Theatre in Minehead as he prepared for retirement – but he said negotiations were being held with Minehead Amateur Theatrical Association.