MARIE Curie is urging Morrisons in Minehead to support the end-of-life charity by choosing it as their next charity partner.

Emphasising the importance of providing essential care, the charity says someone dies without the support they need every five minutes.

Marie Curie aims to become Morrisons' charity partner for the next three years, allowing the supermarket chain's staff to significantly impact the people it supports.

Paul Chuckle, Marie Curie ambassador, highlights the critical role of Marie Curie, which supported his brother, Barry, in a video message.

He encourages Morrisons staff to vote for the charity, noting their contributions could fund half a million hours of nursing care.

Natalie Garland, Marie Curie's fundraising manager in the South West, said: “Morrisons is like Marie Curie in that they understand their local communities and the unique wants and needs of the area.”

If selected, the Morrisons partnership could raise up to £10 million over three years benefiting those with various life-limiting illnesses.