QUESTIONS were being asked after a multi-agency response was triggered when an off-road motorcyclist suffered an accident on the Brendon Hills over the weekend.

Four land ambulances were sent to the scene by South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SWASFT) as well as police community support officers and special constables from Williton Police Station.

The motorcyclist had suffered a fall in rural woodland on Saturday and had to be carried to a safe location where he could be treated by paramedics.

But residents were perplexed by the massive emergency services response when on other occasions elderly people suffering a fall have waited 10 hours or more for just one ambulance to arrive.

One person queried on social media: “Why not call Exmoor Search and Rescue Team (ESRT)?

“Local and onsite in a short period of time if called.”

ESRT recently held its annual meeting where its charity award went to Darcey Curran and the John Wright Award in memory of the first president for the member going ‘above and beyond’ was presented to Nick and Lottie in recognition of their work as a dog search team for both ESRT and Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England.

The team also held a residential training weekend at Pinkery, near Simonsbth, involving more than 40 members coping with mist, high winds, poor visibility, and heavy rain.

Scenarios covered navigation, basic life support, First Aid, evacuation from difficult locations, water kit theory, crag theory, and a tracking workshop.

SWASFT has been approached for comment.