Residents have shown 'huge support' for the return of the Wiveliscombe to Wellington bus, according to recent surveys.

The first of two surveys was carried out by Milverton Parish Council in 2022. Of the 219 respondents, 58 per cent said the lack of a route from Milverton and the surrounding areas to Wellington was bettering them from travelling by bus.

A second survey was conducted by bus user groups in Wellington and Wiveliscombe. They found that 78 per cent of respondents supported restoring a bus link between the towns - with 96 per cent of Wiveliscombe residents coming out in favour of the proposition.

A spokesperson for the Wiveliscombe and Wellington bus user groups said: "Wellington and Wiveliscombe have a natural connection, they are linked in the Local Community Plan and Wellington is the nearest town to Wiveliscombe of significant size.

"Wiveliscombe residents travel to Wellington for hospital appointments, dentists, opticians and shopping as well as for leisure and social events. And, as the centre of the ’10 Parishes’, Wiveliscombe has the attraction of local walks, a weekly Saturday market and a swimming pool.

"Reinstating a bus service between Wiveliscombe and Wellington, which was lost in 2014, would give Wiveliscombe residents access to the frequent bus link between Wellington and Taunton. If the plan for a railway station in Wellington comes to fruition this would be an additional reason to travel to the town."

Of those polled, just 16 per cent of Wiveliscombe residents told pollsters they were happy with the current bus service, citing unreliable and infrequent journeys.

Moreover the poll also registered support for a direct bus service between Musgrove Park Hospital and Wellington - with 64 per cent of bus users saying their primary use of the public transport was to attend medical appointments.