FOUR members of one family will be running a marathon in the German city of Hamburg later this month, which veteran West Somerset runner Nora Maw, aged 67, has promised will be her last.

Nora will run the 26 miles with husband Richard, aged 69, son, Thomas, a solicitor who lives in London, and her brother John Mortimer.

And making it an even more special occasion, the date, Sunday, April 28, is the date of Nora and Richard’s wedding anniversary.

Nora and Richard, who live in Porlock, are longstanding members of Minehead Running Club and also have another son Michael living in Hamburg.

It will be Nora’s third and final marathon, after running the Hamburg one about seven years ago and then another the following year in Rotterdam, in The Netherlands.

Veteran runners Nora and Richard Maw at their first Hamburg marathon.
Veteran runners Nora and Richard Maw at their first Hamburg marathon. ( )

Nora, a graphic designer by profession but who worked as a receptionist for Dulverton Veterinary Practice, will be raising money for The Samaritans, a charity she has supported for many years and has an online fund-raising page.

She did not take up long distance running until she was in her 50s, when she was persuaded to be the fourth member of a 10k team, having been a sprinter in her youth.

Nora said: “I did say I would not do another marathon after this one because the training is so committed.

“So, if it was going to be my last one I thought I would not do it for the fun of it, I would do it for a charity.

“I do not run marathons very often, but my aim is not to walk any of it.

“I have a plan which my brother sent me which gets me around, and so far the training is going very well.

“I generally run a few times a week and I just gradually do a bit more until I can do it all.”

Although it will be her last marathon, Nora said she would carry on running and possibly enter half-marathons and 10k events.

Both Richard and John, who lives in Epsom, Surrey, have also previously run marathons, but for Thomas it will be his maiden event.

Nora’s online fund-raising page has so far brought in nearly £450 toward her target of £1,500.

Porlock runner Nora Maw with her son Thomas.
Porlock runner Nora Maw with her son Thomas. ( )

She said: “This is going to be my last marathon, and I want to make it memorable by raising money for Samaritans which is a charity that I have supported for a long time.

“They offer a wonderful service, listening without judging, and make a very dramatic difference to lots of lives.

“I cannot imagine how it feels to be so desperate that you wold consider taking your own life and I think the Samaritans do a wonderful job, and making a big difference to many people.”

The Samaritans offer a 24-hour listening service every day of the year, providing a safe place for anybody struggling to cope, whoever they are, however they feel, whatever life has done to them.

Nora’s fund-raising page can be found here.