This morning in Minehead, it's a cool 6°C.

It's a dry start to the day, with no rain expected.

Moving into the afternoon, the temperature will rise slightly to 7°C.

There will be moderate rain, so don't forget your umbrella if you're heading out.

Looking ahead to tomorrow morning, it will be slightly cooler at 5°C.

The good news is that it will be dry, with no rain forecast.

In the afternoon, the temperature will increase to 7°C.

Again, there will be no rain, making it a pleasant day overall.

As for the rest of the week, temperatures will hover around 7-8°C.

There will be scattered showers throughout the week.

So, while it won't be particularly warm, at least we can expect some consistency in the temperature.

Remember to dress warmly and keep that umbrella close by!

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