A POPULAR and well-known man from West Somerset has been left homeless after fire destroyed the woodland caravan he has lived in for years.

Donations of money, clothes and offers of help have poured in this week after many were left saddened by the incident which destroyed Marcus Cook’s property.

Mr Cook lost his home and possessions when the caravan, in which he had lived for many years in remote woodland above Carhampton, was destroyed by fire.

The 75-year-old market trader and general dealer, his two daughters, and numerous animals and pets, escaped unharmed.

Friends and residents immediately set up an online GoFundMe page to help with accommodation, clothes, and other essentials.

More than 60 donations have pushed the original £1,500 target to more than £1,700 and organiser Ryan Bosley said: “Marcus has lost his home and everything he owned in it. It is winter and all he has is the clothes he was wearing.

“People are really rallying round to help Marcus get back on his feet again.”

More than 70 posts on social media sent best wishes, offered help, and donated money.

A typical response was: “Marcus is an amazing character and a real one-off who always goes his own way and lives how he wants to.

“But when there’s a problem, you know Marcus will always be the first to help out.”

The cause of the blaze which destroyed the off-grid caravan - at the top of Kennel Lane, Carhampton, is not known.

Anybody who wants to donate, can find the online fund-raising page here.