PLAN B played their first home Division One match in the West Somerset Table Tennis League when they entertained the Gnomads.

The home team made their visitors work hard but the match proved frustrating for all players with a very high number of nets and edges that seemed to occur on crucial points.

Geoff Williams prevailed in three singles sets, and Martin Shoots two.

Liz Fletcher kindly substituted for the injured Robin Arkell and joined her teammates to help secure five doubles sets.

The final score for Plan B was 10 points.

Gnomads were on good form but were made to fight for each set.

Teammates Martin Rant, Tony Brooks and Dave O’Connell all achieved maximums, with Martin receiving the player of the match award. With six doubles sets, Gnomads headed for the top of the division one table with 33 points.

In Division Two, Wanderers’ second match of their campaign took place last Tuesday when the Eagles landed at the Lawns.

The home team have settled into their new format and are a force to be reckoned with in division two

In the singles there were maximums for both Laurie Chalk and Steve Brooks, with Steve claiming the player of the match award.

Cass Chalk played well and won five sets.

With a maximum in the doubles, Wanderers had a convincing victory with 32 points.

Eagles’ maiden flight was a steady affair and they never got into a flap with David Veale, Tim Bosley, and Jack Smith winning three singles sets apiece.

Danny O’Leary was the doubles specialist for the evening and added one set to give Eagles a final tally of 10 points.

Hawks were at home as Drifters played their debut game of the season.

Hawks were flying high as they meticulously hunted down their opponents.

Player of the match went to Mark Scyner for his unopposed maximum and Alfie Southam narrowly missed his with an excellent eight sets.

Nathaniel Southam found his form this week to add the final five singles sets.

With a strong seven doubles sets, Hawks ended the evening with 29 points that saw them soar to the top of the division two table.

Drifters were missing their captain, Liz Fletcher, so Dave Smith led the way for the visitors by winning six singles sets.

Andrew Miles was still getting to grips with his non-pimpled bat and, whilst narrowly missing success in numerous sets, did prevail in four.

Laurie Chalk played as substitute and gained a further three singles sets. With three doubles sets added, Drifters entered the table with a creditable 16 points.

Results: Division One - Plan B 10, Gnomads 33. Division Two - Wanderers 32, Eagles 10; Hawks 29, Drifters 16.