Somerset Waste Partnership has issued advice about what to do with garden waste while its collection and the issue of sacks is suspended over the next six weeks from tomorrow (August 2).

Extra garden waste capacity is temporarily available at Somerset’s 16 recycling sites. Anyone disposing of garden waste this way is encouraged to avoid the busiest periods and instead visit at the typically quieter weekday times around 1pm to 2pm and 4pm to 6pm.

But if the green bin is already full and the contents cannot be taken to a recycling site, store it, lid closed, until the service resumes.

Where possible, consider:

* Reduce – mow and prune less this summer;

* Mulch – use grass cuttings as a layer over soil to retain moisture and reduce weeds;

*Compost – more on home composting, including a subsidised bin offer, can be found at;

* Recycle sites: All 16 Somerset recycle sites take garden waste.

Do not put garden waste into rubbish or recycling containers.

The service is scheduled to start again from Monday, September 13.