TOWN councillors have agreed to pump another £18,000 into the Minehead Eye youth service over the next three years.

The flagship youth programme runs Minehead Youth Club on Mondays from 6pm to 8pm, providing teenagers and young people with access to trained youth workers, a safe dedicated space, and engaging activities.

Councillors had supported it since 2021 with an agreement due to expire next month and have now renewed it until 2027.

Previously, Minehead youngsters had only limited organised programming tailored specifically for them.

Minehead Eye chief executive Paul Matcham said: “Our successful partnership with the town council allows us to provide an affordable and accessible youth club.

“By offering a regular, structured environment, we aim to combat negative stereotypes about youth while providing education on issues like mental health, relationships, and substance abuse.

“Affordability is crucial for accessibility, so the council’s support allows us to offer the club at £1 per session.”

Minehead Mayor Cllr Craig Palmer said: “The council is passionately committed to supporting programming that recognises the needs of all residents, especially youth.

“We fully recognise the immense value of Minehead Eye’s youth club not just as a place for activities, but for what it provides in terms of empowerment, growth, relationships, guidance, and opportunity.

“By engaging and uplifting the next generation, it invests in the future of our community.”

Minehead Eye, in Mart Road, welcomes any youngster aged 10 years and older.

Details about activities can be obtained by calling 01643 703155 or emailing [email protected].