THE heaviest delivery yet has been received by Hinkley Point C nuclear power station as its first steam generator arrived.

Hinkley C will eventually have eight of the 520-tonne generators, the first of which was delivered safely to the construction site over the weekend after arriving by sea at nearby Combwich Wharf.

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The Hinkley Point C steam generator makes its way by barge along the River Parrett to Combwich Wharf. PHOTO: EDF.

The 82-feet long generators will take heat from the nuclear reactors to create steam to power the world’s largest turbines.

The arrival comes in time for the power station fit out, which will see the first nuclear reactor installed later this year.

The steam generator had been taken by sea from Avonmouth to Combwich Wharf, on the River Parrett, and then travelled the final four miles by road transporter.

Each of Hinkley’s two reactor buildings will house four of the generators, which will operate at an average temperature of 295 degrees centigrade for at least 60 years.