PART of Somerset Council’s Taunton headquarters could be sold off and turned into housing as the council seeks to cut costs.

Somerset Council has been reviewing its existing portfolio of land, property and assets, selling off buildings which are no longer required in order to generate funding for front-line services.

Part of County Hall on The Crescent, known as C Block, has been on the chopping block following the refurbishment of other parts of the building and many staff working from home or other locations in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic.

The council has now confirmed it intends to sell off C Block as soon as possible, with a view to the building being converted for “key worker accommodation.”

An update on C Block’s status came before the council’s corporate and resources scrutiny committee when it met in Taunton on Thursday, March 7.

At County Hall, A Block has enough space for 458 desks – but on average only 98 were used on any given day in September 2023 (the most recent figures available).

C Block lies within a short distance of Musgrove Park Hospital, meaning it could be an attractive proposition for new or current NHS staff.