PUPILS in a West Somerset school have been celebrating ‘blossom season’ with an exciting new partnership with the National Trust’s Exmoor coast team and the Porlock-based performance arts group Stacked Wonky.

The trust has been spreading joy across the district with its ‘Blossom’ initiative, inspired by the Japanese ‘Hanami’ festival, aiming to ignite a passion for nature and the beauty of the season in everybody, wherever they are.

Now, it has teamed up with Stacked Wonky and St Dubricius First School, Porlock, as pupils embark on a creative journey, led by the new head of school Jo Smith.

In the first round of the collaborative programme, the children delved into the wonders of sound and nature, guided by skilled musicians Seb and Drew.

Stacked Wonky musicians Seb and Drew working with St Dubricius First School pupils.
Stacked Wonky musicians Seb and Drew working with St Dubricius First School pupils. ( )

Through immersive experiences, they learned to interpret the melodies of the natural world, improvising and creating music with their voices.

Exploring two orchards in Porlock, they collected sounds, opening doors to cross-curricular exploration.

From scientific discussions about sound to crafting stories through auditory sensations in English, from counting and detecting patterns in maths, to understanding the environment and the symphony of nature in geography, the children delved deep into a rich tapestry of learning.

Every moment provided an opportunity for growth, with speaking and listening skills flourishing alongside the acquisition of new vocabulary.

Moments of mindfulness encouraged the children to embrace stillness, listening intently to the world around them.

Sounds collected from an orchard helped pupils of St Dubricius First School, Porlock, compose a 'five seasons' symphony.
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The culmination of their journey saw the children compose a mesmerising ‘five seasons’ composition.

Using sounds from natural objects, their voices, and their bodies, they painted a vivid auditory landscape, reflecting the passage of time through the seasons.

Each group represented a different season and contributed to the symphony, crafting a piece which began and ended with the whispers of winter.

Reflecting on their experiences, one student said: “I loved it, and got to play the drum for the summer part.”

The National Trust is holding a Big Bossington Bioblitz event on June 8, with participants meeting in the car park area for free nature fun activities throughout the day, including river dipping identifying wildlife, and nature walks.