A £1m cycle route on the Somerset coast already needs to be repaired – less than a fortnight after it opened.

The new route, which runs along the A39 between Dunster and West Somerset College in Minehead, finally opened on June 30 following a lengthy construction period which began in September 2022.

Following its opening, reports circulated on social media that part of the route would already need to be redone due to “fundamental flaws” in its construction.

Somerset Council has confirmed the stretch near the college has some “snagging issues” and will be fixed at no extra cost to the taxpayer.

Vince Nunn, a self-employed courier from Minehead, made the initial claims on the Minehead Matters Facebook group shortly after a video tour conducted by the Local Democracy Reporting Service on Saturday (July 8).

He said: “You will then be pleased to know that there has been funding allocated to take it [the cycle route] all the way to the junk shop [in Carhampton].

“However, the section by the bus stop at the college will have to be redone as for some reason it has fundamental flaws in it. Three weeks of three-way lights are planned.”

The council said there were issues with this section of the active travel route, but has not confirmed when the remedial work to fix them will be carried out.

A spokesman said: “As with any significant infrastructure scheme, it is normal to need to address some snagging issues post-construction.

“There were some minor issues picked up during inspection, and a few of the tactile paving stones have been slightly damaged since installation. Any remedial work will be corrected at no extra cost.”

The council has declined to comment on Mr. Nunn’s conjecture about the cycle path being enhanced and widened all the way from Dunster to the western edge of Carhampton, using a recent £1.5m active travel grant.

The spokesman said: “The £1.5m awarded recently will be distributed based on final design negotiations and benefit/cost appraisals with Active Travel England.

“We will make an announcement as soon as we know which scheme is approved for funding and begin engagement with the relevant communities.”