SIR — I attended this week's cabinet/council meetings and I am sorry to say that, despite all the promises of the ruling group, it is quite evident that their main concern is not the wishes of the people of West Somerset but the obtaining of as much money as possible from the sale of Vulcan Road. The chief executive, in outlining the options for the siting of the new council offices, suggested that unless Vulcan Road was sold for retail use, many facilities for young people, and the provision of high speed broadband services, would not be affordable. Whilst this may well be the case, I do not feel that the long-term future of the area should be jeopardised by the political aspirations of the ruling party on the council. It is interesting to note that in my letter of January 11, I intimated that financial expediency was the driving force of this council. How right I was! There are still many outstanding issues which still need to be addressed by the council; the 'new' Donaldson report has not yet been verified, and since it may be that the data on which it is based is flawed, it may have to be discounted again; the parking strategy is so full of holes that only blinkered Tory councillors seem to believe it; and the state of Aquasplash are all major concerns, yet it appears that major decisions will be made on these issues within the next month! Having already wasted about £750,000 of taxpayers' money on grandiose schemes, I urge the council not to jump from the frying pan into the fire, and allow more time for these important matters to be considered. Ian Melhuish, Whitegate Road, Minehead.