Police have launched an investigation into a dog attack near Luccombe which left five sheep dead and others injured.

In a statement a spokesperson for the police said: "We have had a report of a serious sheep worrying incident where at least five sheep have been killed in the Luccombe area.

"We strongly state that all dogs should be kept on leads, especially around livestock. This is devastating to the farmers and the animals themselves.

"We are currently looking into the possible sighting of three or four dogs which were seen at the location.

"Any information you may have please contact us on 101 and quote the reference number 5223162085."

It comes after a pregnant ewe was was put down as a result of an attack by two dogs in February in a separate West Somerset field.

A witness to the attack described how the dogs 'savaged' and 'badly ripped' the sheep's back legs.

It was another occasion on which police were forced to remind the public to keep their dogs on a lead when walking through a field with livestock.

Guidance from The Rambler's Association states: "It is an offence to not keep your dog under control when in a field with animals.

"This is especially an issue with sheep, as dogs may chase, worry or even attack sheep. The law gives farmers the right to shoot a dog that is causing issues with their animals."