A CAR bought specially to help patients from a surgery that closed in Milverton recently has joined the community transport scheme Wivey Link.

Known as Lister Link, the second-hand, wheelchair adapted car has been paid for by Somerset Partnership NHS Trust, in a scheme with Wiveliscombe Area Partnership (WAP), which runs Wivey Link.

It will serve patients who were registered at the recently closed branch surgery in Milverton, and who now need to visit the main Lister House Surgery, in Wiveliscombe, for doctor appointments and medicines.

The car will also be used free to deliver prescriptions either to people’s homes by a Wivey Link driver, or to the Community Rooms in Milverton where patients can collect them on Monday mornings or Thursday afternoons.

“WAP and Somerset Partnership have worked tirelessly to make it possible for patients from the wider Milverton area, such as Halse, Fitzhead and all those outlying villages in between, not to be disadvantaged by the closure of Milverton surgery,” said Pauline Homeshaw, chairman of WAP.

“We hope that Lister Link is the answer for them.”

Pictured are Anne Kidner, practice manager Emma Spiller and Alison David – all from Lister House Surgery – WAP director and a Wivey Link driver Roy Barfield and WAP chairman Pauline Homeshaw.