EXHIBITION on Screen’s film ‘My National Gallery’ will be shown at the Minehead Regal on Tuesday (June 11).

The National Gallery of London, which is celebrating its 200th birthday, is one of the world’s greatest art galleries.

It is full of masterpieces, an endless resource of history, an endless source of stories.

But whose stories are told?

Which art has the most impact and on whom?

The power of great art lies in its ability to communicate with anybody, no matter their art historical knowledge, their background, their beliefs.

The film gives voice to those who work at the gallery, from cleaner to curator, security guard to director, who identify the one artwork that means the most to them and why.

An assortment of people from all walks of life who have a strong connection to the gallery make surprising choices of both well-known and lesser-known artworks.

Finally, some well-known celebrities explain what they head for when they visit the gallery.

Their stories are used as a lens through which to explore the history of the National Gallery and what the future may hold for this spectacular space.

Tickets at £10 can be booked online or via the Regal box office on 01643 706430.