ONE of the jewels of the West Somerset economy has appointed three new directors as the company continues to expand globally.

Singer Instruments, which is based in the village of Roadwater, also has an office in Minehead and trades across the world from offices in California, Germany, and Singapore.

The company, which employs about 60 staff, has been manufacturing scientific instruments for 80 years and now specialises in robotics for microbial research.

A spokesperson said the three new appointments reflected the trio’s ‘unwavering commitment to serving the scientific community and contributing to the company’s success’.

Jack Boyles has been made sales and marketing director, having joined the company in 2011 as a digital media officer and shown ‘exceptional leadership, cultivating and guiding a global salesforce with remarkable skill and dedication’.

The spokesperson said: “Jack’s passion for the company’s strategic vision has been instrumental in its growth.”

Simon Strong becomes finance director nearly 10 years after joining Singer and demonstrating his ‘exceptional aptitude for financial management’, making him the company’s go-to person for handling any financial project.

Operations director Robbie Devlin has stepped up from the manager role he took over in 2015, since when he has had a pivotal role in building and nurturing a world-class scientific instrument manufacturing team.

The spokespersons said: “In addition to overseeing operations, Robbie has been instrumental in ensuring the company’s compliance, safety, and overall well-being.

“Singer Instruments extends its heartfelt gratitude to Jack, Simon, and Robbie for their continued dedication and contributions to the company’s growth.

“Their dynamic leadership, commitment to excellence, and ability to foster a vibrant work environment have made the journey of expansion an enjoyable one for all involved.

“The Singer Instruments board comprising Harry Singer, Beki Singer, Elizabeth Singer, George Singer, and Trevor Clarke, looks forward to an exciting future under their guidance.

“Together, they are committed to advancing the cause of science and ensuring that Singer Instruments continues to thrive in its mission.”

The West Somerset firm has been a trusted partner to the global scientific community across eight decades and is on a mission to ‘accelerate scientific research for biologists who want to make the world a better place’.