Who was he?

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THE 15-year mystery of a man’s body found on Exmoor could come closer being solved after last week’s live appeal on the BBC Crimewatch Roadshow revealed new evidence which could lead to his identity.

An Exmoor park ranger found the dismembered body on moorland off Halse Lane, Winsford in March 2002, but the victim has never been identified.

Police said that they believed establishing the man’s identity is the key to discovering what happened to him.

And while cause of death remains unknown, they have evidence that the man died sometime between 1999 and 2000 after a violent attack.

Police also believe that the body could have been kept elsewhere for a significant time before being buried on Exmoor.

Despite extensive investigations and national appeals, including a previous Crimewatch reconstruction in 2002, the case has remained unsolved.

But after DS Pete Frake, of Avon and Somerset Police major crime review team, appealed on last Thursday’s Crimewatch for information from the public, new evidence has been passed to the police.

DS Frake said this week: “We’ve had a positive response from the public, but we still need more information to identify who this man is.

“We ask people to look at the facial reconstruction images and think about whether they know of someone who went missing inexplicably in late1999 or 2000.

“We also want to hear from anyone who saw or heard anything suspicious on Exmoor near Winsford around May 2001onwards, when we believe the body was buried.

“We have a full DNA profile of the man so will be able to rule missing people in and out of our inquiry quickly.”

DS Frake added: “Establishing the man’s identity is the key to unlocking this case."