Horrendous attack by three dogs

By West Somerset Free Press in

Last Saturday (June 3) just after 8pm, my husband, daughter, baby granddaughter and myself witnessed our dog – on a lead - being attacked by three un-leaded dogs which included, we believe, a bull mastiff.

The owners, a couple, couldn’t have been more disinterested in what was happening, particularly the man. It was horrendous.

Upon relaying the incident to a fellow dog walker in the park, he exclaimed that these three dogs were well known for attacking other dogs.

Luckily our dog only sustained a puncture wound on his chest.

The local police and the council were disinterested, maybe understandably, because we didn’t know the perpetrators’ address.

Perhaps they will be interested when someone, another dog, or maybe a child, is really hurt or worse, because of these irresponsible dog owners.

I hope that people will be vigilant. 

Name and address supplied.

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