Salvation Army joins alliance

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FRIDAY mornings at Watchet Salvation Army church means coffee and cake but recently even more was happening – the church joined the Dementia Action Alliance.

Now all churches in Watchet belong to the DAA having pledged to do all in their power to support people living with dementia.

Watchet DAA leader Margaret Tatham presented the ‘Dementia Friendly’ certificate to Sergeant Major Sam Searle in the Watchet Salvation Army church in Brendon Road.

Organisations and businesses in Watchet and Williton, including the Free Press, have also joined the Watchet DAA since it was formed in 2015, and the membership is moving out to Williton, Holford and villages beyond. 

For information about what happens in the Watchet area for people living with dementia and their carers, or ways to contribute, contact Margaret on 07973 638030 or

For Minehead information, email

To know more about the local work of the Salvation Army contact or 01392 822100.