Globe Inn meeting agrees a Plan B

By in Community News

AROUND 70 local residents near the historic Globe Inn at Appley turned out for a public meeting last week to give their views on buying the pub, which closed just before Christmas.

It was agreed to see whether a commercial buyer came forward, and to set up a committee to investigate the feasibility of a community bid if needed.

The meeting had been called by Stawley Parish Council to gauge people’s views on buying the pub as a community venture, after it recently went on the market.

The Globe Inn is listed as an asset of community value, which meant the council could impose a moratorium on the sale to allow time for the community to put a bid together.

However, it was agreed the council should not impose a moratorium in case a commercial buyer could be found.

Now the council is setting up a steering committee involving a number of volunteers with relevant experience, to look at the feasibility of a community bid if a buyer does not come forward.

“There is very strong community feeling that people do not want to lose the pub,” said Charles St George, chairman of Stawley Parish Council.

“We are only a small rural community so about 70 people at the meeting was a good turnout.”

In case there is not a commercial buyer the new committee, which will meet in the next few weeks, will look at the feasibility of how the community could raise money, what internal alterations and work would need to be done, how they would find a manager and fund future maintenance.

The Globe Inn is a Grade II listed building, reputedly over 500 years old.

It was originally the village blacksmith’s before being converted to a pub that became popular not just with locals, but also visitors from a wide area.

“Not long ago it was a very popular destination people came out to, and it’s very important to the community to keep the pub going,” said Cllr St George.

“It is an old building and we will have to look carefully at what state it’s in if we were going to buy it and fund its maintenance.”