Massive cheque presentation on Elliot’s anniversary

By in Charity

THE parents of Watchet toddler Elliot Stevens made an emotional return to London’s Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital last weekend just two years to the day after his death.

They presented a £20,000 cheque for new research into his fatal illness.

Elliot,13-month-old son of Donna and Paul Stevens, died in Great Ormond Street Hospital in March 2015 after a four-month fight against Mitochondrial Disease, a rare genetic heart condition.

Since then, Elliot’s Touch, a charity run by his family, has raised over £70,000 for research into the condition.

Last year, the Royal Brompton Hospital in London also received £36,000 from Elliot’sTouch towards testing techniques which, it is hoped, will identify over 120 child heart defects.

Donna said that the £20,000 from Elliot’s Touch, plus donations from another charity, the Lily Foundation, will enable Professor Shamima Rahman to begin a three-year research programme which might lead to an eventual cure.

“Elliot’s tissue is still being used in testing techniques to help others, and his case is the subject of continuing research, which makes us very proud of him.”

She added: “Walking back through the doors of the hospital was one of the hardest things we’ve had to do.

“We were in tears, especially when we saw Elliot’s name in the chapel’s book of remembrance, and the teddy bear we left for him was still there.

“We ended the day with a visit to Elliot’s intensive care ward and were reunited with some of his amazing nurses and doctors. They welcomed us with open arms and and told us they still think of Elliot and his tough journey. He really touched their hearts.

“Although we had a tough day, we came away feeling positive and humbled.”