More frequent buses

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BUS services from Minehead to Porlock and on the Minehead town route will in future run every two hours rather than three after a pioneering agreement between local councils was signed this week.

In the first arrangement of its kind in the country, Minehead Town Council and Porlock, Selworthy and Minehead Without, and Luccombe parish councils have signed a deal with the county council pledging financial support for the 10 and 11 (formerly 10 and 10a) routes for the next year.

The new two-hour services start on Monday, February 27.

The new deal will keep the services running from the end of March when interim funding from local councils was due to end.

Buses of Somerset will operating the service, which was provided by Webberbus before the company ceased to trade last year.

“Now the aim is to make these services sustainable into the future so that they don’t have to rely on local council funding,” said Christine Fitzgerald, clerk of Porlock Parish Council, which was a key player in the negotiations.

“The same energy that saved the services for a year will go into making sure that everyone knows about the new two-hourly timetable and making sure that the buses are used more and more, both by local people and visitors.”

Buses of Somerset gave the service a lifeline by extending it in October to allow more time for discussions.

Since then, council transport officers have been working closely with the parishes, towns and local members over several months.