Lucky Pete meets his life-saving 'angels'

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A HEDGE-laying event on Cothelstone Show Field took a dramatic twist when one of the participants suffered a cardiac arrest.

But it could have had a tragic outcome were it not for the swift actions of his hedge-laying neighbour Dave Brackley and two St John Ambulance volunteers, one of whom manages the Minehead team.

Now former teacher Pete Baker, 58, has been reunited with the “angels” who saved his life – Alan Brazier, from Minehead, pictured on the left, and Bridgwater-based Jon Warren, on the right.

Pete added: “I reckon the fact I’ve survived this is my dividend for having taken on the role of church warden for the last three years.

“I have a new concept of angels now – and it’s these guys from St John Ambulance, plus the NHS crews that took over later, along with the air ambulance team.

“I am also grateful l to have received such brilliant care from the NHS consultants, technicians and nurses.”

Pete, who retired from his job at Brymore School, Cannington, three years ago, had taken only four days off sick in his whole teaching career.

He considered himself to be fighting fit, with no major health problems – but he collapsed suddenly on Saturday November 26.

“There was no pain. I was working away on my section of hedge one moment and the next thing I knew was when I woke up in intensive care,” said Pete, who had three stents fitted to open a blocked coronary artery.

As soon as he collapsed, Pete was given first aid by Dave, who knew how to give CPR and sent for help.

St John Ambulance volunteers Jon Warren and Alan Brazier were swiftly on scene, equipped with a portable defibrillator that delivered a life saving shock to restart Pete’s heart.

Pete recently went to the charity’s shop in Bridgwater to meet Alan and Jon. They were delighted to see that Pete has made an excellent recovery.

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