Up and running

By in Community News

A DEFIBRILLATOR has been installed in Brompton Regis thanks to the efforts of Kingsbrompton Young Farmers Club.

Inspired by doing a first aid course, the YFC approached the parish council about getting a defibrillator installed in the community and then raised £730.

The club ’earned’ £400 from the National Federation of Young Farmers for the members’ work in the community cleaning signposts.

The members, accompanied by the vicar, also went carol singing around the parishes of Brompton Regis, Upton, Skilgate and surrounding farms.

Sue Newton, of Brompton Regis Parish Council, was presented with the final amount following the YFC’s performance of ’Seas the Day’ in the village hall.

Kingsbrompton YFC has since gone on to win the West Group round of the drama competition and will be representing Wes on Sunday, February 19, in the Somerset finals.

Kingsbrompton YFC will be also performing in the new hall in Tiverton at 7.30pm on Thursday, February 23.