Minehead's wreath laid at Kohima

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A WREATH from the British Legion Club in Minehead has been placed at the war memorial in Kohima, a remote place in North East India.

It was laid by David Lungley, of Bridgetown, on January 7 after a “challenging” journey of at least 18 hours.

“At one point [we had] a traffic Army escort for protection from local bandits, with the final two hours up a windy, bumpy, only partly maintained road into the mountains of Nagaland,” said David, who was in India with his wife, Frances.

The wreath had a label with words chosen by Glyn Court, of Minehead, who fought in the Burma campaign in 1945 under General Slim. This ‘Forgotten Army’ drove the Japanese back through Burma after their defeat at the Battle of Kohima in 1944.

It is famous both for its heroic defensive stand and as the decisive battle that turned the tide against the Japanese Army which had advanced through Burma since 1942 and was about to invade India.

In recent years, the words known as the Kohima Epitaph have been said at the end of the two-minute silence on November 11 – “When you go home, tell them of us and say ‘for your Tomorrow we gave our Today’”.

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