New life and new home for Exmoor Ponies

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TEN Exmoor ponies have left their home near Dulverton for a new life in the care of Durham Wildlife Trust.

The ponies have an increasing reputation as conservation grazing animals throughout the UK and abroad and are considered idea for environmental projects.

One of the key organisations for providing Exmoor ponies is Moorland Mousie Trust, a registered charity set up to take the unwanted Exmoor pony foals from the free-living herds.

Durham Wildlife Trust became interested in using the Moorland Mousie Trust when it saw how other organisations in the north of England were using the ponies for conservation grazing.

Juliet Rogers, trustee of the Moorland Mousie Trust, said: “The Exmoor ponies are perfect for eating down the rough, unmanageable areas that would otherwise need machinery which is costly and less environmentally friendly.

“The ponies will eat their way around a site, doing their job whilst enhancing the wildlife of an area rather than disturbing it.”

Linzi Green, who runs the trust’s Exmoor Pony Centre, prepared the ten ponies to travel up to Durham.

After a thorough health check, they started their journey north at 4.30am and arrived by early afternoon to an eager waiting crowd.