Holocaust Day symbols of victims of genocide

By in Community News

MINEHEAD has remembered the victims of the Nazi Holocaust and the thousands who have died in subsequent acts of genocide.

The commemoration on Friday January 27 – the date the Auschwitz camp was liberated by Soviet troops in 1945 – also reflected on atrocities in Cambodia, Darfur, Bosnia and Rwanda.  

Members of Minehead Amnesty and Christians Together stood beside five white chairs in Wellington Square, the ‘empty chair’ being a moving symbol of absent people, as were clothes laid out on the ground beside them.  

The Rev Simon Robinson introduced Mayor of Minehead Jean Parbrook who said a few words to start a day of presentations of readings and music in St Andrew’s Church.  

Many were there to reflect quietly or to light a candle.  

In the evening, Donald Reeves, director of Soul of Europe, spoke about his experience in the Balkans of striving to build relationships with religious groups and individuals who might normally consider themselves enemies.

He convinced his audience that this was the only way forward to building peace. 

Photos: Chris Lawson